The Pula depreciated by 0.9 percent against the South African rand and appreciated by 0.3 percent against the IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDR) over the one-month period to February 2021. The Pula recorded a mixed performance against the SDR constituent currencies. It appreciated by 2.1 percent against the Japanese yen and 0.5 percent against both the US dollar and the Chinese yuan, while it depreciated by 1.3 percent against British pound, and remained relatively stable against the euro.  

Over the twelve months period to February 2021, the nominal Pula exchange rate depreciated against both the South African rand and the SDR by 2 percent and 3 percent, respectively. Against the SDR constituent currencies, the Pula depreciated by 7.9 percent against the euro, 6 percent against the British pound, 5.9 percent against the Chinese yuan and 0.7 percent against the Japanese yen, while it appreciated by 1.8 percent against the US dollar.